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We advise your company on all issues related to the Russia sanctions!

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Our Law Office is specialized in foreign trade law, export control and customs.

We have over 30 years of consulting experience and expertise from longstanding mandates in the following business areas: information and communication technology, security & defense, electronics and software, cloud computing, mechanical and plant engineering, medical technology, nuclear technology and nuclear power plants, aeronautical engineering, industrial plants and the petrochemical industry, among others.

In der strategischen und operativen Exportkontrolle beraten wir zur Aufstellung der Vertriebsorganisation im Konzernverbund.

In strategic and operational export control, we advise you on the establishment of sales organisations within your company group. We support you in technical and legal classification of products on the basis of relevant dual-use or military goods lists.

The reform of the EU Dual Use Regulation and all related application issues - also in the intelligence domain - are a consulting focus of our firm. We have "translated" the reform process, which has been ongoing for more than ten years, for a large number of clients and design the implementation of the new requirements in our clients' internal control systems.

In PRC export control law, we advise our industrial clients together with cooperation partners in Shanghai. With our China Foreign Trade Law Desk, we are particularly available for questions regarding the new Chinese Export Control Law. We were the first German law firm to analyze this law from the drafting phase, to publish on it and to accompany its scientific translation into German.

A particular focus of our work are internal audits in foreign trade law, the establishment of internal control systems according to best practice and quality management standards, in-house audits and tailor-made coachings on export controls.

We support you in foreign trade audits conducted by customs authorities and represent you competently in proceedings against your company or employees under the law on administrative offences.

Your export control compliance is our goal.